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Before I forget who we have reached out to… I thought I would write it down, the library has been and continues to be busy out and about talking and listening to staff across the Mid Yorkshire Hospital sites in order to make sure that all our staff are aware of the library service and what it can do for them…

First up was Dewsbury, in the canteen Natasha and I set up shop with information and freebies, not a particularly successful day, but we learned from it. What we learned was that trying to engage people by luring them away from their lunch takes you on a highway to nowhere

Image result for baby birds in nest
lunch comes before libraries 

Next up we set our stall out at the Oakwell Centre, this being where the learning, training and educating takes place over at Dewsbury Hospital.

We did a bit of tooing and froing initially, corridor or entrance?  The entrance won the day. Our target audience for this particular day were physiotherapists and occupational therapists working in intermediate care. In they came rushed off their feet, wanting to talk to us but unable to stop because they were already late…


So we hung around until the end of the meeting and this was a great idea because we got talking to some interested members of staff who genuinely wanted to find out about the library our resources and services. Furthermore they were then equally enthusiastic about sharing the information with their teams out in the community.

The invitation to the quality and performance meeting [translates as a midwifery leaders meeting] was another success, by just popping in at the beginning of the meeting, being first up on the agenda I was able to deliver information about the library in an informal and relaxed way. It gave me an opportunity to introduce myself, to inform about the library, to engage with some of our midwives and to showcase some of what we had already been doing with their colleagues, one of the hooks was telling the midwives in the meeting about some of the literature searching we had done for other midwives in the Trust. This information seemed to me to make the role of the library come to life..so to speak. Meeting them also made me realise how little some of them knew about the library service.

The MY divisional management meeting was a squished and squashed affair, at least 25 people involved in providing ‘care closer to home’ shoehorned into a room, it was a bit too warm but very welcoming, where I could talk about the library offer to a captive audience of really interested people, some of whom did not know about us. They do now and as a result there has been an upsurge in library membership, requests for research papers, literature searches and medical/clinical/healthcare database training – amongst these groups of staff whether doing a Masters, a piece of research, service design or professional development.  By getting out there and literally sitting round the table to have a conversation we have raised the profile of the library service

As a result of this we have had more staff engagement across all of these groups. The latest engagement was at the new midwives induction day where I replicated my earlripple effectier presentation style by sitting down and having a conversation with the two groups.

The ripple effect of these types of meetings which dip into the daily working lives of staff groups across the trust is that others get to know about us too, its like a veil being lifted, its not necessarily someone that was in the room walking in but someone else who heard about us through someone who was…in the room.

Thanks very much for reading… and please get in touch                                                        on Twitter @midyorkslibrary or email us at  library.pgh@midyorks.nhs.uk



What’s New? November 2017

‘What’s New?’ is a monthly current awareness bulletin, produced by The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust staff library. The bulletin brings together the latest guidelines/standards/appraisals, reports and reviews to keep  staff up to date.

whats new

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Celebrating Libraries Week

The 9th – 14th October was Libraries Week (you may have seen our daily tweets throughout the week promoting it!).  We had a joint event in the Atrium at Pinderfields with Wakefield Public LibrariesWe were joined by Dawn Bertram (right) and we showcased the resources that both libraries have to offer.

Helen and dawn

Helen Rotherforth (Trust Librarian) with Dawn Bertram from Wakefield Libraries

The hub of the Atrium is a bustling environment, and our stands were great for catching the attention of the throng of  people that pass through it.  We generated interest from staff, patients and visitors alike.

This medic was keen to find out about our resources and even posed for a family photo to post on our social media Bluebird


Varied queries came in thick and fast, and we were able to answer one visitor’s question by introducing her to  NHS Choices  the one-stop site that answers the public’s medical information queries – anything from how to find a GP, to their “Health A-Z” which outlines conditions, treatments and much more.

There was plenty to learn about the services available at our local libraries in Wakefield and the surrounding area – did you know that you can read the latest magazines online for free with your library membership?  Topics are comprehensive – from Good Food to Amatuer Photography, Music and History!  Check out the Digital Library here

One of the highlights of our stand was the new Quick Reads selection on loan from Wakefield Libraries (short books that are specifically designed to be quick & easy to read).  You may have seen our previous post and be considering loaning one – I understand that they will make an excellent read for the chilly nights that will soon be upon us!



Discover something new – Quick Reads 2017

We’ve previously blogged about the many benefits of reading for pleasure but despite this I often struggle to find the time to get stuck into a new read.

The Reading Agency have recognised that time is one of the reason’s why people don’t read and to tackle this each year they commission big name authors to write ‘Quick Reads‘ (short books that are specifically designed to be quick & easy to read).

Coming soon...

We have a selection of the 2017 Quick Reads available at MY Library, which have kindly been loaned to us by Wakefield Libraries for a short time.

I’ve started making my way through the collection and earlier this week I finished ‘One False Move’, although it’s not the type of fiction I’d normally choose to read it gripped me from the start & I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next (luckily I didn’t have to wait too long to find out!)

The Quick Reads 2017 are available for loan from MY Library to MY staff, students & volunteers. We have also recommended the titles to our colleagues in the Voluntary Services team as they may be useful for our Ward Befrienders to loan for patients they are working with.

Until next time.

Natasha 🙂

What’s New? October 2017

What’s New? is a monthly current awareness bulletin for staff working within clinical and non-clinical environments.

The bulletin brings together the latest guidelines/standards/appraisals, reports and reviews to keep staff up to date.

whats new

You can download the latest bulletin, and all previous editions, directly to your desktop from the library website.

If you are a Trust employee and would like copies of What’s New? delivered to your inbox every month, please contact the library by e-mail library.pgh@midyorks.nhs.uk or by telephone (ext 53899).

Following feedback regarding ‘navigating the content’ please use the find function within the PDF to locate specific articles/reports in your area of interest.



As always feedback is both welcome and useful and if possible we will try to act upon it – so please do get in touch if you have any comments, suggestions of ideas for improvement 😀

Reminiscence boxes – working in partnership with Wakefield Public Libraries and MY Dementia Team

‘Person first – dementia second’

Upon hearing the success of reminiscence boxes from our colleagues in other NHS libraries we decided to check out the idea.  The boxes are used to help people living with dementia and their families to evoke happy moments from the past and stimulate communication by handling objects and looking at pictures.  Our dementia lead nurse Anita Ruckledge turned out to be very keen for us to find out more.

As luck would have it as part of our health information week activities in July 2017 we had collaborated with Wakefield Public Libraries and discovered they had a small collection of reminiscence boxes for loan at Sandal Library.  They agreed to lend us a couple to try out.

memory box

The Trust Communications Team has assisted us by putting out an appeal for kind donations of 60s memorabilia to enable us to create our own boxes – and so we wait with excitement – keep following to see what turns up!


If you have any 60s memorabilia (anything from clothing to crockery) you would like to donate please contact Anita Ruckledge, Dementia Lead Nurse, Anita.Ruckledge@midyorks.nhs.uk or call 07780954892.

The library is now a ‘Dementia Champion’ and we have added a selection of Reading Agency reccomended titles to support those living with dementia & their families/carers. Anita has reviewed some of the books from the collection and says:


“This book explores reactions from children when Grandma is forgetful. To assess the suitability of this book I read this with my 10 year old Granddaughter, who loved the book and said that she will be telling her teachers at school.”

Pop along to MY Library and check out our wonderful new resources to support those living with dementia and their families.

The MY Trust dementia team have also put together a ‘Dementia Champion Reference File’, a simple guide filled with useful explanations and help. MY Staff can access this via the Intranet & we will soon have paper copies available for loan from the library too.

Why not let us know what you think or have any other ideas to support staff and patients?

Thank you to our Trust Communications team for allowing us to use their photographs in our blog post 🙂 

Libraries Week 2017


Libraries Week is an annual event providing libraries across all sectors with an opportunity to showcase their innovations and shout about the many fantastic services they have to offer!

In celebration of libraries week we’ll be out ‘n’ about on 10th October from 11am-1pm in the Atrium at Pinderfields Hospital letting Trust staff & placement students know about the variety of services we have to offer.

We’ll also be joined by colleagues from Wakefield Public Libraries who will be spreading the word about their library membership, which is available to everyone. You can also find out what’s on at Wakefield Public Libraries throughout Libraries Week by visiting their blog.

We’ll be Tweeting @midyorkslibrary throughout the week. I for one will be following  #LibrariesWeek & can’t wait to see what everyone else is upto 😃

Until next time.

Natasha (on behalf of The Library Team)