Mood boosting Books

Are you looking for something to make you smile? Do you need a pick me up?

We often discuss the benefits of a healthy diet for a healthy body but how do we maintain a healthy mind? Research shows that reading for pleasure can have a large impact on our psychological health and wellbeing. The infographic below demonstrates some of the benefits of reading for pleasure.

Reasons to read for pleasure

To support this, the library has selected books available from the Reading Agency’s Mood Boosting Books collection. More details about this national programme can be found at


Picture courtesy of  the Reading Agency

Visit the library, in Trust HQ at Pinderfields Hospital, to take a look at our collection of fiction and begin your reading for pleasure journey! We would also love to hear what you think about these books. Tell us what you think by following this link or leave a comment below!


Billington, J, (2015). Reading between the Lines: the Benefits of Reading for Pleasure, Quick Reads, University of Liverpool


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