Leisure Activities


Have you ever wondered what the library staff do in their leisure time?  The library is generally a calm, quiet environment so it could be assumed that we like to curl up with a good book after a hard day’s work.  Actually we have a variety of interests and hobbies (including reading) which may surprise you.  I can’t outline them all, but I recently tried simulated sky diving in a wind tunnel and I highly recommend the experience.

On arrival we sat and observed others who were taking their flights.  It seemed relatively tame until suddenly the instructor and pupil joined hands and shot up the tube, returning gracefully a few seconds later.  This represents free falling at 1000feet!  I was aghast and thought you must need several sessions before attempting that.  To my surprise, after a short briefing and session to master the body positioning required, I found myself volunteering to try the turbo launch – and it was exhilarating!

I’m not sure that I would have the nerve to actually jump out of a plane, but this taster gave me food for thought and was certainly a very different way to spend a Tuesday evening.

Karen Hill



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