Returning to Study



Are you returning to study in the near future?  If so there are many ways that the Library can help you to succeed.

You will probably receive a reading list before your course begins, or following enrolment.  Some topics may be held only in your university library, but many will be held here in the Trust Library, and you may wish to familiarise yourself with some pre-course reading.

Checking the catalogue will enable you to choose some titles, or you could pop down to the library to make your selection and enrol.  We can also help you to register for an NHS Athens account (if you have not already done so) which will give you access to a range of electronic resources.

Once your studies are underway you will start working on assignments and perhaps a dissertation. If you are unfamiliar with literature searching you will benefit from a tutorial session with one of our Librarians.  This informal session will equip you with the skills you need to perform a thorough search of the available published materials on your chosen subject.

Following this, there may be articles or books that you require that are not available via NHS Athens or the Library.  Again we can help, and will do our best to obtain copies for you.  Please visit our website to make requests and for more information on the many services that we provide to all Trust staff.

The Library also runs short courses on critical appraisal, so if this is new territory please visit the Training and Support page on our website for further details. We look forward to meeting and assisting you in the near future.


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