An ode to Dr Kate Granger


Last Wednesday members of the library staff were privileged to attend, and participate in, the event held to celebrate the life and achievements of our exceptional Consultant Dr Kate Granger.

This was an extraordinary evening.  It was full of happy memories portrayed on display boards and shown as video clips that demonstrated outstanding achievements.  Butterflies and sunflowers were in evidence throughout the building. There was beautiful music, emotive talks and poetry.  Emotions ran high and there was laughter, smiles and tears in equal measure.

The most moving addresses came from Kate’s best friend and husband and I was impressed at their composure when discussing her life, relationships and difficult journey.

The #Hellomyname is campaign was a strong feature, as it is her legacy and will endure.

Donations were collected in support of the Yorkshire Cancer Centre and St Gemma’s Hospice.

The final poem endeavored to demonstrate her achievements in a few short lines:

                              Ode to Dr Kate Granger

                                     Life Well Lived


Most people have ambition to attain a well lived life

To leave a good impression, make a difference in some way

And in amongst the bad times, the worries and the strife

Feel perhaps their kindly actions have improved somebody’s day


We are here to celebrate the life of someone who achieved

This goal, not just a few times but at least a hundredfold

Whose talents, warmth and kindness were her drivers to succeed

To help relieve the burdens of the sick both young and old


Not only as a doctor was this work to be performed

But also by fundraising in diverse and novel ways

And promoting introductions meant that working was reformed

Hence “Hello my name is” became a standard phrase


Observing as a patient gave material for a book

That not only helped her colleagues, but the layman in his turn

Then fundraising from the proceeds of the dainties she would cook

Gave the title “Master Baker” that so richly she did earn


Her courage knew no boundaries when a challenge came her way

Overcoming fear of heights meant she could skydive from a plane

To swim the English Channel – insurmountable some say

Determination made her triumph and her goal she did obtain


Though her journey was not easy she would always wear a smile

And her positive approach would make her Twitter audience grow

As they shared with her their concern and support throughout her trial

Her followers ensured their admiration she would know


Respect came from many angles, even honoured by the Queen

Though she did not seek for glory or material reward

Her motive was improvement her success was clearly seen

Compassion was her keyword and the name of her award


Yes the actions of one person touched the world in many ways

We were privileged to know her and her work was just a start

It will go on; it’s a legacy that time will not erase

A life well lived lives on in both the mind and in the heart

The evening concluded with a balloon release.  Everyone carried at least one white balloon and following their liberation they poignantly clung together as they climbed up to meet the clouds.



The evening has left a lasting impression on the people who attended, and, as has been said, it was “A beautiful tribute to Dr Kate Granger by her friends, colleagues and family”.


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