Lung Cancer: News and Information Roundup

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November is lung cancer awareness month so we have put together some useful information for healthcare professionals.

Find the guidelines

  • NICE: Suspected cancer: recognition and referral (NG12 / June 2015)
  • NICE: Lung cancer: diagnosis and management (CG121 / April 2011)
  • NICE: Lung cancer in adults (QS17 / March 2012)


  • CKS: Lung and pleural cancers – recognition and referral

Recent Publications:

25 by 25 : a ten year strategy to improve lung cancer survival rates

United Kingdom Lung Cancer Coalition (2016)


Behind the headlines

E-cigarettes ‘help thousands successfully quit smoking’

Wednesday 14th September 2016

The actual rise in successful quit attempts was just under 0.1% for each 1% rise in e-cigarette use. The study can’t prove using e-cigarettes is the direct reason for the improved rate of quit attempts as other confounding factors may have been involved.   Attempting to quit with e-cigarettes alone may not…

View original post 239 more words


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