The Non-Medical Prescribers’ Bulletin, An easier way to access information

Today I’m talking about the production of the Non-Medical Prescribers (NMP) Bulletin, how and why it came to be, what it contains. Feedback is always welcome and even better than that it is always useful! READ on 🙂


The Background

The non-medical prescribers’ bulletin first began as a conversation between Mid-Yorks library service librarians, the director of pharmacy and an advanced clinical pharmacist in patient care. Essentially the discussion was about:

  • providing for the professional development of the NMP’s within our Trust, ensuring that they were enabled in their keeping-up-to-date requirements for CPD in particular.

As a regular researcher of the health and medical information the area where the research light is most regularly focused is in the arena of drug testing and development, medicines management and administration. So staying up-to-date…

  • is not a simple task, it is time consuming and information that is relevant to the busy prescriber is not always easy to find amongst the vast proliferation of information out there in the cybersphere.

What goes into the bulletin?


The bulletin includes:

  • NICE Evidence specifically relating to non-medical prescribing
  • links to clinical knowledge summaries – specifically prescribing information
  • medicines and prescribing alerts – links to the service
  • technology appraisals – recommendations for new and existing medicines/treatments/procedures
  • BNF and BNFC links to the What’s New section and the latest changes
  • reports of significance from Royal colleges, professional bodies, Department of Health and others
  • information on medicines complete
  • journals and research studies
  • a special focus where I find one e.g. community prescribing, prescribing in physiotherapy
  • and of course any new resources the library purchases which are of relevance!

How do I decide?

Decisions about what to include and what to leave out are based on timeliness and relevance…

  • not all relevant information will be accessible in full text format and that is where the library’s document supply service will be especially handy. This service is free for Trust staff, contact us via this blog or through email

How often is it produced?

The decision was made to create a quarterly bulletin, the first one being published in June 2016, since then another 2 bulletins have been produced, they are now available to view on the pharmacy intranet pages and on the library website which means:

sharing the resource with our fellow librarians and other colleagues working within health libraries across Yorkshire and the Humber and much further afield to include the whole of the North in the spirit of ‘do once and share’


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