Libraries Week 2018

Libraries Week is an annual event to celebrate libraries (of all kinds)! This year the event takes place between 8th-13th October 2018 and will focus on wellbeing.

Libraries across the country will be showcasing how they help bring together communities, combat loneliness and support people with their mental health.

At The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust Staff Library we have the following collections to support the wellbeing of Trust staff, volunteers & placement students:


A study carried out by the University of Liverpool’s Centre for Research into Reading, Literature and Society found that those who read for pleasure report fewer feelings of stress and depression. The study also found that people experience stronger feelings of relaxation from reading than from watching television or engaging with technology intensive activities.

Reasons to read for pleasure

With this in mind we have a leisure reading collection at MY Staff Library, which includes some titles from The Reading Agency’s Mood Boosting collections & The Man Booker Prize 2018 Shortlist. Our full leisure reads collection can be viewed here.

We’ll be posting about our various health & wellbeing collections on Twitter & Facebook throughout #LibrariesWeek.  We can’t wait to see what everyone else is up to too 🙂

Until next time…

Natasha (on behalf of The Library Team)



Upcoming event: Health Information Week 2018

Health Information Week (2nd-8th July 2018) is a national multi-sector campaign which aims to promote the array of good quality health resources that are available to the public.

Health Information Week aims to improve accessibility of quality health information for the public as well as building on local partnerships between information providers and improving health literacy.

The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust staff library team will be raising awareness of health literacy as a growing issue with an information stand displayed in the library/Trust HQ during the week.

health literacy display

On Friday 6th July 2018 we will be running an information stand in the Pinderfields Atrium alongside colleagues from Wakefield Libraries, who we are pleased to be partnering with for Health Information Week 2018 😀.


We will be raising awareness of quality health information sources (including the NHS website, Patient UK etc), Reading Well collections, resources and services provided by Wakefield Libraries and more. We hope to see you there 😀.

If you are unable to pop by and see us we will be Tweeting (@midyorkslibrary) throughout the week using the hashtag #HIW2018.

Until next time,


Reflection: Learning at Work Week 2018

In celebration of Learning at Work Week 2018 (14th-20th May) a jam packed week of events were planned for staff and students at The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust.


The week long event showcased the wide range of opportunities which are available to Trust staff to support development and further study. From bite size education sessions to IT skills to health and wellbeing sessions there was something on offer for everyone.

This year the MY library team ran a small number of ‘​How to search literature effectively’ sessions, using the Health Education England eLearning for Healthcare literature searching eLearning modules (which we have previously blogged about here).

lit searching


The library team agree that the activity sessions were a success and may be something we could repeat in the future.. watch this space!

Attendees of our activity sessions thought that the eLearning modules were ‘very useful’. One attendee even asked if they could continue to work on the eLearning modules after the session had finished (and of course we said yes!)

As well as supporting the MY library sessions, during the week I also attended one of Organisation Development’s bite size education sessions, which I found to be very useful and informative. In the near future I plan to  look into their other education sessions too, to see if there is anything to support my personal development.

If you weren’t able to attend the Learning at Work Week event but would like some help getting started with the e-LfH literature searching modules, why not pick up our ‘getting started’ guide from the MY staff library? The library team are also on hand to help with any queries you may have.

Until next time…

Natasha 😀

Yum yum! Results of the MY library Randomised Chocolate Trial

The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust’s ‘More and Better Research’ event, organised by The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust Research & Innovation Team took place on 30th April.


During the event we decided to test the effects of chocolate consumption by hosting a randomised chocolate Trial. The randomised chocolate trial enabled us to engage with Trust staff and delegates to see if:

  • Eating white or milk chocolate improved wellbeing?
  • Taking part in the trial increased their awareness of clinical trials?

We attracted 56 recruits on the day and were able to highlight the importance of research in healthcare and to help participants to gain a better understanding of how clinical trials work.  The experience also helped participants to see how it feels from the other side when patients are asked to participate in trials for new treatments.


It is known that getting patients to enrol in clinical trials can be a challenge for a number of reasons, such as the ‘fear of the unknown’ or having to read through lots of information and understand what it’s all about.  The participants of our randomised chocolate trial acknowledged these feelings when asked to take part in the trial and saw the volume of information to digest and forms to complete!

On the whole our randomised chocolate trial was some light hearted and tasty relief for delegates attending the event and helped to show case how the library supports research in the NHS.

A big thank you to all of those who participated in the trial 🙂

You can find the full results here.

For further information about our randomised chocolate trial, or to find out how the library can support your research project, please contact a member of the MY library team, who will be happy to help.

World Book Night 2018

World Book Night is a national celebration of reading and books which takes place annually on 23rd April.

On World Book Night books are given out across the UK with a focus on reaching those who don’t regularly read, and are gifted through organisations including prisons, libraries, colleges, hospitals, care homes and homeless shelters to name just a few.

Whilst we don’t have a supply of books to distribute this year, we are still keen to mark the occasion and spread the word about the joy of reading for pleasure and the benefits to mental health (which we’ve previously mentioned in this blog post).


Amongst our leisure reading section we have a small number of titles from the World Book Night 2018 reading list, available for loan to Trust staff, placement students & volunteers. The available titles are pictured below:books.PNG

Wakefield Public Libraries have most of the World Book Night 2018 titles available to loan, free of charge with a library membership. Pictured below are some of the World Book Night 2018 titles in the Wakefield Libraries collection:

WFLD LIBRARIES BOOKS.PNGView the full Wakefield Libraries catalogue by clicking here. If you can’t find the title you’re looking for you can submit a request via the Wakefield Public Libraries request system, and they will try and source it for you.

For further information on Wakefield Public Libraries,  including registration information, please visit any Wakefield Library or visit the Wakefield Libraries website.

World Book Night is run by The Reading Agency, a national charity that inspires people to become confident and enthusiastic readers [Source, accessed 20/04/18.]

Upcoming event: Learning at Work Week 2018

Learning at Work Week is an annual event which shines a spotlight on the importance and benefits of learning and development at work. The theme for 2018 is ‘‘Connected for Learning’ and The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust are offering staff the chance to participate in a range of taster sessions on a variety of topics, from getting started with social media to mindfulness workshops.

learning at work.PNG

This year the MY staff library will be showing staff how to search literature effectively, using NHS Health Education England’s ‘How to search literature effectively’ eLearning modules. There are currently six bite-sized modules available, which provide a useful introductory overview to literature searching (we’ve blogged about them in more detail here). Staff can sign up to complete just the one module, or all six if they wish.

lit searching

The MY staff library ‘How to search  literature effectively’ sessions will take place on Monday 14th May 2018 in the library (housed in Trust HQ & Education Centre, PGH). Places are available to book on the following 30 minute sessions: 9.30am, 10.00am, 10.30am, 11.00am and 12.00pm. To book a place, or for more information, please contact us.

learning at work week.png

For more information about Learning at Work Week 2018 at The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, please visit the MY staff intranet.

Upcoming Event: More & Better Research & Randomised Chocolate Trial

The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust ‘More and Better Research’ event, organised by The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust Research & Innovation Team, is to take place on Monday 30th April 2018.

As part of the event we will be hosting a randomised controlled trial to compare how effective eating white or milk chocolate is on improving the wellbeing of The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust staff.

If you like the idea of testing the effects of chocolate consumption colleagues are invited to participate in the trial, which aims to highlight the importance of research and help participants to gain a better understanding of how clinical trials work.

If you are interested in participating please ‘drop by’ during the ‘More and Better Research’ open marketplace session, taking place in Trust HQ on 30th April 2018 between 1pm and 3pm.

Interested participants do not need to book to take part in our randomised chocolate trial, although booking for the full day event is essential (please contact the Research and Innovation team for more information).

Outreaching ourselves @midyorkslibrary


Before I forget who we have reached out to… I thought I would write it down, the library has been and continues to be busy out and about talking and listening to staff across the Mid Yorkshire Hospital sites in order to make sure that all our staff are aware of the library service and what it can do for them…

First up was Dewsbury, in the canteen Natasha and I set up shop with information and freebies, not a particularly successful day, but we learned from it. What we learned was that trying to engage people by luring them away from their lunch takes you on a highway to nowhere

Image result for baby birds in nest
lunch comes before libraries 

Next up we set our stall out at the Oakwell Centre, this being where the learning, training and educating takes place over at Dewsbury Hospital.

We did a bit of tooing and froing initially, corridor or entrance?  The entrance won the day. Our target audience for this particular day were physiotherapists and occupational therapists working in intermediate care. In they came rushed off their feet, wanting to talk to us but unable to stop because they were already late…


So we hung around until the end of the meeting and this was a great idea because we got talking to some interested members of staff who genuinely wanted to find out about the library our resources and services. Furthermore they were then equally enthusiastic about sharing the information with their teams out in the community.

The invitation to the quality and performance meeting [translates as a midwifery leaders meeting] was another success, by just popping in at the beginning of the meeting, being first up on the agenda I was able to deliver information about the library in an informal and relaxed way. It gave me an opportunity to introduce myself, to inform about the library, to engage with some of our midwives and to showcase some of what we had already been doing with their colleagues, one of the hooks was telling the midwives in the meeting about some of the literature searching we had done for other midwives in the Trust. This information seemed to me to make the role of the library come to to speak. Meeting them also made me realise how little some of them knew about the library service.

The MY divisional management meeting was a squished and squashed affair, at least 25 people involved in providing ‘care closer to home’ shoehorned into a room, it was a bit too warm but very welcoming, where I could talk about the library offer to a captive audience of really interested people, some of whom did not know about us. They do now and as a result there has been an upsurge in library membership, requests for research papers, literature searches and medical/clinical/healthcare database training – amongst these groups of staff whether doing a Masters, a piece of research, service design or professional development.  By getting out there and literally sitting round the table to have a conversation we have raised the profile of the library service

As a result of this we have had more staff engagement across all of these groups. The latest engagement was at the new midwives induction day where I replicated my earlripple effectier presentation style by sitting down and having a conversation with the two groups.

The ripple effect of these types of meetings which dip into the daily working lives of staff groups across the trust is that others get to know about us too, its like a veil being lifted, its not necessarily someone that was in the room walking in but someone else who heard about us through someone who was…in the room.

Thanks very much for reading… and please get in touch                                                        on Twitter @midyorkslibrary or email us at


Celebrating Libraries Week

The 9th – 14th October was Libraries Week (you may have seen our daily tweets throughout the week promoting it!).  We had a joint event in the Atrium at Pinderfields with Wakefield Public LibrariesWe were joined by Dawn Bertram (right) and we showcased the resources that both libraries have to offer.

Helen and dawn

Helen Rotherforth (Trust Librarian) with Dawn Bertram from Wakefield Libraries

The hub of the Atrium is a bustling environment, and our stands were great for catching the attention of the throng of  people that pass through it.  We generated interest from staff, patients and visitors alike.

This medic was keen to find out about our resources and even posed for a family photo to post on our social media Bluebird


Varied queries came in thick and fast, and we were able to answer one visitor’s question by introducing her to  the NHS website the one-stop site that answers the public’s medical information queries – anything from how to find a GP, to their “Health A-Z” which outlines conditions, treatments and much more.

There was plenty to learn about the services available at our local libraries in Wakefield and the surrounding area – did you know that you can read the latest magazines online for free with your library membership?  Topics are comprehensive – from Good Food to Amatuer Photography, Music and History!  Check out the Digital Library here

One of the highlights of our stand was the new Quick Reads selection on loan from Wakefield Libraries (short books that are specifically designed to be quick & easy to read).  You may have seen our previous post and be considering loaning one – I understand that they will make an excellent read for the chilly nights that will soon be upon us!



Libraries Week 2017


Libraries Week is an annual event providing libraries across all sectors with an opportunity to showcase their innovations and shout about the many fantastic services they have to offer!

In celebration of libraries week we’ll be out ‘n’ about on 10th October from 11am-1pm in the Atrium at Pinderfields Hospital letting Trust staff & placement students know about the variety of services we have to offer.

We’ll also be joined by colleagues from Wakefield Public Libraries who will be spreading the word about their library membership, which is available to everyone. You can also find out what’s on at Wakefield Public Libraries throughout Libraries Week by visiting their blog.

We’ll be Tweeting @midyorkslibrary throughout the week. I for one will be following  #LibrariesWeek & can’t wait to see what everyone else is upto 😃

Until next time.

Natasha (on behalf of The Library Team)