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Lung Cancer: News and Information Roundup

The Christie Library and Knowledge Service Blog

November is lung cancer awareness month so we have put together some useful information for healthcare professionals.

Find the guidelines

  • NICE: Suspected cancer: recognition and referral (NG12 / June 2015)
  • NICE: Lung cancer: diagnosis and management (CG121 / April 2011)
  • NICE: Lung cancer in adults (QS17 / March 2012)


  • CKS: Lung and pleural cancers – recognition and referral

Recent Publications:

25 by 25 : a ten year strategy to improve lung cancer survival rates

United Kingdom Lung Cancer Coalition (2016)


Behind the headlines

E-cigarettes ‘help thousands successfully quit smoking’

Wednesday 14th September 2016

The actual rise in successful quit attempts was just under 0.1% for each 1% rise in e-cigarette use. The study can’t prove using e-cigarettes is the direct reason for the improved rate of quit attempts as other confounding factors may have been involved.   Attempting to quit with e-cigarettes alone may not…

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Using Canva because it’s: FREE and useful

You may not know how exciting the FREE graphic design software (Canva) is and may feel you cannot read any further, but hold your horses because this piece is about to get much more interesting. Ask yourself: do you want to create professional looking designs for infographics, leaflets, flyers & presentations easily? If so then read on because although I have said this once it bears repeating, It’s FREE!

bears-repeatingToday I’m blogging about Canva which we in the library have been getting acquainted with for a few months now. We’ve been using the software to create promotional designs which we can then post on Facebook, add to Tweets, and sure enough here I am blogging about  design software.

One of the ways I have found it particularly useful is its role in marketing, gathering together visual images of latest resources adding some blurb and then sending it via  Twitter and Facebook to our followers. 

More targeted is where we add a graphic display of related resources into email lists.The recipients of which belong to a specific staff group, for example those working within the operating theatres received  our ‘all things theatrical’ infographic. all-things-theatrical

We  have had really favourable
reactions to this type of promotional activity.
  • We also use graphical software to promote information about the library more generally – any events looming or specific training courses we have upcoming. Once the graphic is created it can be used again at a later date, copied and edited which is all good recycling practice, saves time and provides us with a usable resource bank for all our promotional activities.

And…we’re getting better

  • developing our skills by using a wider variety of design formats from flyers to presentations and
  • we hope to be able to pass this new knowledge on to team members, colleagues, friends and basically anyone who’s interested.

Before I got it right I got it wrong lots of timelessons-learneds, this was mighty frustrating but the more I use it the more sense it makes, Canva has become almost indispensable to me at work and… I’m on a voyage of discovery with Prezi of which I will speak more about in the future…


IELTS Resources


Do you need help with your IELTS study? There are lots of free, online resources available to give you the help that you need. Whether you prefer to study using Apps, video or sample exam papers, this list will take you to the best IELTS resources online.  – free  access to 10 hours of preparation materials including listening tests, reading and writing exercises and mock tests. App also available – The course is aimed at non-native English speakers at around intermediate level (approximately B1 on the CEFR) or above. Start date 17th October 2016  – Official home of the IELTS exam. Sample papers and exam preparation, plus an active Facebook page with tips and quizzes (hyperlink Facebook) – Youtube channel which covers all four tasks of the IELTS

Books are also available for loan from the library.

ielts1 ielts2

Wondering if we have got it all wrong

‘… far my biggest learning has been through my cancer diagnosis’ via guest blog reflections and thoughts from a healthcare professional on her personal experience ‘cancer pathway’


A guest blog from a friend.  Its a long one, much longer than my usual, but worth a read. For health care staff listen carefully. For those who have got caught in the care system read to see helpful insights and perhaps feel less alone:

47207829 - blog or diary journal cover with text my story in handwritingThank you to Anne for inviting me to blog as a guest. I write this blog with more than a little encouragement from several people but in particular from Anne. Anne tells me my experience has changed me and there is value in sharing this change of understanding with others.  My blog is written to share my experience from my perspective, the intention is to support understanding and learning. Some of my experience did not match up to my expectations but it is not my intention to cause discomfort or harm to those involved I wish to create learning and change. I have made the decision…

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Health Literacy Matters!

interesting thoughts on ‘health literacy’ from the Christie Hospitals Blog

The Christie Library and Knowledge Service Blog

Inspired by Jonathan Berry’s blog post on the NHS England website we are here to make our case for health literacy and pledge to host events by our library service as part of Health Information Week 2017.

While our library service is for staff at the Christie, part of this involves supporting the provision of patient information. Jonathan Berry claims that “between 43% and 61% of English working age adults routinely do not understand health information” this may include;

  • misunderstanding an important diagnosis
  • being confused about instructions for medication
  • not understanding medical jargon, for example on hospital signage or during  outpatient appointments or inpatient stays
  • not understanding clearly how some conditions (i.e.. diabetes) can be self managed, or prevented through lifestyle factors

As such, low levels of health literacy can cause illness and in turn cost the NHS money which could have been prevented by medical professionals explaining things in plain language,  engaging their…

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Weighed down by books…in a good way :)

Autumnal greetings and bleatings to all who visit the blog this week. it’s the library and I feel bound this week to discuss books, the old fashioned kind made from paper, printed and pressed, bound and finished on a press such as the one below, which is a thing of beauty….!


This image (snatched from Wikipedia – you can read further here ) is of one of the original Guttenberg printing presses, this according to Wikipedia now lives in Bermuda (like the triangle). But back to our NEW book stockaka

Not to be missed!

Many boxes arrived earlier this week and the subject matter, variety and colour are quite fabulous, it would be wrong not to SHOUT! about them…

Topics covered go….

From paediatrics to anatomy and physiology whilst whistle-blowing in the NHS, there’s clinical specialities and cases with a side of hypnobirthing and transcultural nursing. Healthcare management features alongside ophthalmology and geriatric medicine and the letters MRCPGH and FRCA SOE are a given. General practice is not forgotten along with paramedic practice and safe prescribing. But here’s a word-jumble which might help!


As always our online library catalogue is where you will find information about all our books/journals

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