Focus on: BNF/BNFC app

The newly launched BNF Publications app brings together adult and child BNF content though a single mobile app, for the first time.


The app has been designed to provide prescribers, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals, working for the NHS in the UK, with easy access to information from the BNF & BNFC. The app is updated monthly with the latest clinical content, giving user’s easy access to the latest medicines information.

The app is fully portable and once downloaded users don’t need to be connected to the internet to access it; meaning that the latest BNF & BNFC guidance is readily available at the point of care.

OpenAthens authentication is not required to access content on the app (please see Terms and Conditions for more information on who can download the app)

Please note: The new BNF Publications app replaces the NICE BNF & NICE BNFC apps, which will no longer be updated & withdrawn later this year.

appsYou can download the app on iTunes & Google Play.

More information on the BNF Publications app can be found on the BNF website.

Natasha on behalf of ‘The Library Team’