My work experience

Hello my name is Harvey, I am 15 and for my work experience I have been at the staff library for the past week. Firstly I would like to say that the staff working in the library, that consist of Karen, Natasha, Helen and Dianne were very generous, kind and supportive towards me. If anyone who reads this hasn’t yet been to visit the library, you should definitely go check it out as you might find something of interest!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my work experience as I have undertaken various tasks, in and out of the library. From small task such as shelving books or folding leaflets, onto bigger tasks which include scanning and stamping books. I visited many different departments in the hospital too, such as the eye centre and the general office one of my favourite things about the week was that I was assigned the task to create a new display in the library all about “self-help”.  I gathered together some books and created a new poster which I found fun.

On Thursday me and Natasha visited Fieldhead, had a tour of its library and then went round the Mental Health Museum. This was very interesting, as there was a padded cell which I entered with the door closed. The hospital in general and especially the museum had an eerie atmosphere, as it was and still is a hospital for mental health and psychiatry.

All together I have really enjoyed my work experience this week, I have met some great people and will look back at the week with fond memories.

Thanks , Harvey.



All views and opinions are my own.